Uncompromising security. Incredible visitor experience.

On the web. In the app. For your visitor.


Pre-generated visitor pass Save 90% of the check-in process time

Notify your front desk and security officials about all the visitors coming. Feed the guest’s name, number and expected time of arrival in the mPass app or web dashboard and we will intimate your guest about their visitor pass along with venue navigation.

Meeting Over Don’t let everyone roam.

With mPass meeting over feature don’t let anyone wander in your premises. Just press meeting over in mPass app and we will notify your front desk and security officials about the same and update your log book of the meeting getting over.

Authorized Pass Because authorized access isn’t for every visitor

Introducing Authorized Pass feature for your contractors/domestic/vendors etc. which allows them to check-in securely without any hassle of registering multiple times with a pre-defined validity. It allows you to manage their attendance as well.

Mobile Number verification Now mobile is an identity

10x your security with mPass mobile number verification. mPass verifies every mobile number via a six-digit secured OTP as a first mandatory step for any visitor.

This feature supports all international numbers.

Hosted Solution Ensuring 100% data security.

mPass Hosted solution allows you to keep all of your employee and visitor data on your own servers if your organization policies don’t allow for cloud data sharing, under the umbrella of mPass.

NDA signing Your rules, your way!

Set all your terms and conditions clear in front of your visitors and get it signed by them. You can also display safety instructions like fire evacuation diagrams or any health & safety processes.

Print pass Instant pass get print!

Get your visitor’s passes printed instantly through mPass app, kiosk or web dashboard. You can customize your printed pass with a design and the configuration of your choice.

Capture photo

Keep the record of your visitor’s photo with mPass Kiosk app, enhancing security by clearly identifying people who checked-in your premise.

Request Pass

The feature allows visitors to submit a prior request for a visitor pass through mPass app or instantly via mPass Kiosk. The visitor can then check-in easily once his/her request gets approved from the host through mPass app or the web dashboard.

Calendar Integration

Keep us notified when you send calendar invites and we shall make sure everyone getting the invite gets a pass automatically. mPass can easily integrate with your standard calendar applications to automatically generate passes in advance for your visitors if you have a meeting scheduled with them on a particular day.

Powerful web dashboard

Access your visitor’s log books over the web. Get detailed visitor reporting along with live tracking of perspective as well as checked-in visitor. Allow check-ins, manage your visitor’s data with utmost ease.

Customize kiosk and
visitor process

With mPass, market your brand to visitors by customizing your mPass kiosk at the time of establishing mPass.

Track visitors belongings

Reduce theft and misplaced objects by keeping record of everything your visitor is carrying like laptop, tablets, phones and alike. And cross check them at the time of their check-out.