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mPass POC at DLF Cyber City

Corporate parks in India are becoming the largest growing sector ever. With a large number of MNC’s coming up in India every year, real estate builders are leaving no voids to avail lavish properties with top facilities. CCTV cameras, high security alarms........Read more


Gone are the days when people were asked to fill in their details every time they used to check-in to any building or their own office. With a rapid increase in digitalization, the manual entry books have been easily replaced by visitor management systems. ......Read more


mPass Visitor Management System has recently been a part of JLL’s CIWG – North & East held on April 8, 2017. Eradicating traditional check-in methods which nearly every organization or event has been using to make a record of their visitors or guests, mPass makes visitor check-ins swift like never before.......Read more

Facets that must be present in a Visitor Management System

It must encapsulate all the pertinent details – The aim of introducing visitor management system is to keep track of all the visitors that visit your organization and, therefore, it must capture all the relevant details of your guest. This includes name and basic contact details and the accurate time of visit. In advanced versions, it might include photo and identity proof too ......Read more

Visitor Management System – A smarter way to welcome Visitors!

A lot has changed since the day when visitors were asked to check-in by filling in their details in the manual entry books. Usually, guests are not even asked for identification, neither there exist any surety that the details so filled are authentic or not......Read more

VMS - Enhancing Security by means of Technology

VMS is a software that simplifies managing visitors at offices, residential societies, schools, corporate towers. It assists in getting through unsolvable problems such as storing the data of visitors for an infinite period of time, assuring that the entries so filled by the visitors are correct and reliable......Read more

5 Reasons to consider Visitor Management System over Manual Entry Books

Security has been on the top of priority list of every facility these days. Be it a school, hospital, hotel or corporate tower, the need to administer and monitor visitors is imperative. Though the traditional techniques such as filling in the details in manual entry books existed since a long time, yet they are not completely successful.......Read more

Why You Need To Implement Visitor Management System?

Security has been a major concern these days. A lot of buildings have been plagued with crimes like thefts and vandalism. Although offices and corporate buildings have incorporated best of their efforts to put a break on these, yet they aren’t completely successful!......Read more