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About us


Let mPass manage your visitors for you.

This one-of-a-kind app gives you the best visitor management features to suit today’s fast paced lives. Crack long queues, be notified, increase productivity and save time. A visitor management solution that improves on security, time and visitor experience at your front desk as a fully-automated, come-of-age app.


More Power to You.

Because your front desk is your first line of defense.

The strong verification system makes sure that the wrong people are kept out while the right people are let in quickly and efficiently. You choose what details of your visitors are stored and what to do with this data. mPass also allows you to prioritize people and allow them easy access with pre-approved revisits and VIP entries. With round-the-clock support, digitally logs, multi-level authentication and an inclusive/user-friendly/accessible interface, mPass is an incredibly practical solution for visitors and hosts alike.

Meet our Founders

Ankit Tiwari

Cofounder & COO